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Does recruiting scare you? I was scared too!

Are you a new marketer into the industry and don’t understand the process of recruiting? When I first got introduced into the industry, I was told that I had to meet at least two people a day.   I found this process devastating!  How in the heck am I going to go up to a complete stranger and talk to them about an opportunity!  It was easier for me to just collect business cards from insurance agents, real estate brokers, and other professionals.  Did I ever call them back? Of course not!  The phone weighed 1,000 pounds!

What happens if I mess up? What happens if they start asking me questions that I don’t know the answers to? What this, what that?  I was too busy trying to study that I was never ready.  I was doing what we say in the industry, administrative duties and was never in the field.  I failed miserably in this vital skill which is  much needed to grow my business.

What changed over the past twenty years?  Technology changed.  We no longer have to try to continue to convince are friends and family. We have the internet to connect with other like minded individuals across the world!!! We have options in working with a global company or a company based in the United States only.  We have Social Networking today which allows us to meet more than two people a day if your a serious networker!

Another key ingredient that has helped is that I stopped drinking and can now focus on being coachable and can follow instructions given my other coaches who want to see me succeed.   I am being more aggessive online when it comes to talking to people.  I am no longer afraid to find someone who actually is smarter than me when it comes to building a business!  I had to let go of my own pride of wanting to do everything for myself and let others help me look good!  Hmmm isn’t that what employees do for managers?

However, in this industry, your upline works for you! A good leader will teach you what skills you need so that you are able to duplicate and help your team grow and develop others to do the same.  This is truly the only business in the world where you don’t need to know everything when you start.  Less is more.  It’s ok if you tell your prospect , ” I don’t know. Let me ask one of my business partners who knows 100% of the facts!”  This is your segway for a three way call and let your upline expert do all the work!  Get out of the way and don’t say a word after you edify and introduce your business leader.  Third party validation is key to this industry.

Recently, I met a young man who actually is the reason why I am blogging again.  I didn’t know if I should start a whole new blog or try to salvage the original one that I started over three years ago but has become a ghost town except for seeing my twitter feed.  I sure am glad that I was open to new ideas because I actually like my new look!  After getting to know this individual,  who lives halfway across the states,  we have become friends.  He joined one of my opportunities and has inspired others in the company and has already recruited over 7 people in his first 72 hours of being with us.   Thank you God and FACEBOOK!

You see, this young man is 18 years old and is more involved with technology and isn’t afraid to talk to people offline or online! He makes videos and trains people regardless of what business they are in! This is truly a leader who understands being a servant leader.  I see this man becoming a trainer on stage at a national event!

Had I not gotten out of my way of understanding the power of a third party expert and picking up the phone and calling on an expert who isn’t even part of my team and asking him to call my prospect because I can’t figure out how to do a three way call on my own phone yet!  I might have lost the opportunity of  bringing this young man into the business.  Did I forget to mention that this guy is also smarter than me?  So please, stop trying to learn the skill and just get out there and do it!  We truly learn by doing the deed by being in the field and talking to people.

I am going to leave you this video by Todd Falcone who is one of the coaches I follow on Facebook.  I am going to let him explain to you how to do a 3 way call.  Learn this and just get to work!


Until next time! Have a great week!


P.S. Don’t be afraid to find those who understand social media more than you.  They might actually be able to teach you and you can learn and grow together as leaders!


Network Marketing is About Recruiting and Developing Leadership

The above video is done by Mr. Hunter Gray from Pre Paid Legal at a Las Vegas Convention from 2008. I had the honor of meeting him and a few of his coaches while I was in the organization. Even though I was there at this particular convention, I don’t remember seeing him go across the stage and do this speech. Hmmm funny how several years later, I get the picture! I wasn’t a student of network marketing back then. I was just there to get away from my J.O.B!
As they say, when the STUDENT is ready, the “Teacher” appears. Over the past week, God has revealed a few coaches to me who have helped me also get back on track. I don’t have a Life Coach, but have a marketing coach, a recovery coach, a spiritual coach, and a fitness coach! Without any of them, I don’t think I would be having a balanced life today. What I have also learned is that we have to have accountability partners in all areas of life. Who do you have that is going to keep you on track? Who gets you out of your comfort zone and pushes you to hit your daily, weekly and monthly goals?
We all have sponsors when we get involved with network marketing, but are they properly training you or are they leaving hang to figure this out on your own? If they aren’t giving you the guidance that you need to get where you want to be, then don’t be afraid to find a coach who will do just that. Some might say that they aren’t in the babysitting business and to just get out there and do it. I have had a few of those as well. The problem was that I am a visual and audio learner. I have to physically see someone do the task and hear the words that they use. This is why, the way you recruit someone into the business is crucial! What you do as a recruiter is how your team will learn to recruit their team. It’s a process of duplication. You will also note that being in Network Marketing is also about Personal Development.
What books are you reading to help you improve? What are you listening to today? Who do you hang out with outside of work and school? Successful people do what others won’t. Find a mentor and do what they do in the business. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Remember, we were all new at one point in time. Some of us just get hooked on only talking to our immediate sponsor. If they aren’t teaching you about personal development, then ask for help. It can be someone else in the organization or a coach online who is in the industry. John Di Lemme, Todd Falcone, Brian Finale, Ted McGrath, Rory Valden, Doug Firebaugh and many others are available. Seek them out on youtube or Facebook. Some of these guys even have coaching calls that they do at night. One other resource on Facebook is Mentoring for Free by Coach John Wann.
A book that every marketer should read is also the Slight Edge by Jeff Olson. In this book he also explains, the differences of living a life of responsibility and a life of blame. What type of life are you living today?

To your continued success,

Richard Ramirez