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Squeeze Pages part 2 Learn How to Build One for FREE

Well after this last blog post, I have received numerous requests of going into a more detailed article as far as what an actual squeeze page looks like.  Some mentioned doing screen shots and well that is still something for me to learn how to do.  So if you know how to utilize screen shots, then please let me know.  Here are two examples that I will use as far as what they look like.

I am going to give you Craig Caron’s link to Family Networker.  He also has a free course that you can use to get valuable information.

He was the individual that I just learned from regarding traffic and list building.

I have also been learning about real estate marketing from Josh Schoenly from Keller Williams.  He is also teaching others how to market online when it comes to real estate.  Grant it all marketing systems usually work for everything.  We all want content and value.  We all want to learn how to build our list and what tools work to do that.  We all want to learn stuff for FREE as well.   So this is his link to also get his FREE squeeze page training.

He also has FREE webinar trainings for the various marketing tools that he uses to help him with marketing his properties.

I look forward to all the continued support that I have been getting this past week in regards to blogging.  Have an awesome week!


Do you have all the key elements in your squeeze page?

Well it has been a few months since I have written anything. I recently became part of a Tribe through Facebook and realized it was time for me to get back into the saddle with posting. I became “busy” with life and lost that passion to write.
Well today I have been busy with learning between three different webinars and I finally found something to write about!!! The last training I was on today was put on by Craig Caron through Family Networker. Now it happened to be an invite for his platform for a Mastermind group so I was lucky to see this for FREE!
The training was on the importance of having all the right parts to a squeeze page such as a teaser, strong headlines, telling the prospect what they will discover for getting your FREE report, benefits outlined through bullet points, and most importantly a call to ACTION! Now a blog could be written for each one of these elements. Hmm maybe I just created my own call to action this week!
You can find Craig on Facebook by going to this link

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to continue learning from all of you. Have a great day!