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Squeeze Pages part 2 Learn How to Build One for FREE

Well after this last blog post, I have received numerous requests of going into a more detailed article as far as what an actual squeeze page looks like.  Some mentioned doing screen shots and well that is still something for me to learn how to do.  So if you know how to utilize screen shots, then please let me know.  Here are two examples that I will use as far as what they look like.

I am going to give you Craig Caron’s link to Family Networker.  He also has a free course that you can use to get valuable information.

He was the individual that I just learned from regarding traffic and list building.

I have also been learning about real estate marketing from Josh Schoenly from Keller Williams.  He is also teaching others how to market online when it comes to real estate.  Grant it all marketing systems usually work for everything.  We all want content and value.  We all want to learn how to build our list and what tools work to do that.  We all want to learn stuff for FREE as well.   So this is his link to also get his FREE squeeze page training.

He also has FREE webinar trainings for the various marketing tools that he uses to help him with marketing his properties.

I look forward to all the continued support that I have been getting this past week in regards to blogging.  Have an awesome week!


Do you have all the key elements in your squeeze page?

Well it has been a few months since I have written anything. I recently became part of a Tribe through Facebook and realized it was time for me to get back into the saddle with posting. I became “busy” with life and lost that passion to write.
Well today I have been busy with learning between three different webinars and I finally found something to write about!!! The last training I was on today was put on by Craig Caron through Family Networker. Now it happened to be an invite for his platform for a Mastermind group so I was lucky to see this for FREE!
The training was on the importance of having all the right parts to a squeeze page such as a teaser, strong headlines, telling the prospect what they will discover for getting your FREE report, benefits outlined through bullet points, and most importantly a call to ACTION! Now a blog could be written for each one of these elements. Hmm maybe I just created my own call to action this week!
You can find Craig on Facebook by going to this link

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to continue learning from all of you. Have a great day!

Review for my friend and mentor Josh Coffy

“When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” –Robert Kiyosaki

I have been blessed with becoming a student of the industry.  About two month’s ago while making friends on Facebook and shortly after the church had prayed for me to find a J.O.B.,  I came across Josh Coffy’s profile.  Now part of making these friends on Facebook is to find those who are also in the same niche.  If you want to get better, you have to be open-minded and teachable.  I had to humble myself and let go of my pride and seek help for becoming a better marketer online.  I mean heck,  I have been in the industry for as long as he has been alive!  However, due to other issues, I just wasn’t making it in the industry.  You can find out a bit more of that in my about me section.

After a few minutes, 30 or so, chatting on Facebook.  Josh was excited to teach me even more about finding a method of operation.   He said he wanted to show me what he does to generate leads for blogging.  Little did I know he was going to be showing me a power point presentation that he created  while I took a few minutes to get a cup of coffee so that we could continue via Skype.  I didn’t even have a mic but yet he called me up.  He spoke while I typed back in response.  Where there is a will, one will find the way to get the education, right?  Needless to say, we have become a team of leaders working together to help and find others who want to succeed.

You see, even though I might be older and have some wisdom in the industry.  I am not updated when it comes to marketing on the internet.  I had to find someone else smarter than me in that department!  Again, learning to let go of pride and ego,  I had to remain teachable.  I had to become that sponge and absorb the new skills of marketing.

One such skill, was learning how to develop Twitter Followers.   Josh suggested that I sign up for his  Twitter Boot Camp.  I did as suggested and have found that my followers have increased over the past thirty days!  I was averaging anywhere from two to ten followers a day at the time.  Today, I am reaching about sixty people!  Now that is just insane!  I never thought that I could be having so many new people wanting to become friends on Twitter!

Josh is truly passionate about what he does and knows how to get results!  He has become my coach and mentor for internet marketing.  He continues to inspire me to become a better marketer.  I look forward to the years to come as we continue to both grow as leaders in the industry.  As long as we remain humbled and aren’t afraid of making those mistakes, then we will always continue to be working towards our goals.

To find out more about Josh.  Go to his website.

How does one approach people about their business.

This video is made by my friend Dave Savula who is one of the top leaders in the industry with Pre Paid Legal. At the time, he had been with the company for about 14 years and was always the first trainer on Sunday mornings at our leadership conventions. He is a true coach and isn’t afraid to tell you what your doing wrong! However, this video is showing the softer side of him. Even though this video is about teaching other Pre Paid Legal Associates how to get started, the concepts still work with your business today. Even though we have the internet, we shouldn’t forget what its like to still do a face to face approach with people which is known today as offline marketing.
The example that Dave uses here is while flying because he flies all over the nation for different events in the different market areas being a corporate trainer. However, with the Holiday coming up this weekend some of you might be stuck in super market lines, doing some more school shopping for your children, maybe even taking a last family vacation to close out the summer. We are constantly around new people. Heck, don’t throw up over people while talking to them. Just make the initial introduction and get their information. Build that trust and when you get home send them a video link through email, call them up and 3 way them into your corporate call then get them on the phone with your upline expert. Honestly, your expert doesn’t even have to be an upline, it can anyone else in the business who is willing to help you succeed. The key is that it has to be someone other than you that shows credibility with the company. If you have someone who is a single parent, find someone in your organization who is also a single parent. The key is to find someone who can relate to your prospect. Let them build that trust and you just sit on the phone and take notes because one day you will become that EXPERT for your team!
Another approach to use when someone asks you about your job, try using ” I teach others how to get that extra comma in their paychecks. And just leave it at that. Lead the conversation back to them. Let them truly do all the talking. Don’t become that sales person and make it all about “you.” Why? You would be most remembered by giving them the opportunity to talk about themselves. You aren’t interested in dollar signs. You genuinely care about this new friend you just made.
Remember those who are successful in this industry are those who work through the numbers and those who learn to build that trust with the prospect. People buy from those that they know, like and trust.
I wish you all a great a safe holiday weekend! Remember business doesn’t stop on weekends or holidays for us. In fact, with Christmas already around the corner, this is the busiest time of year for us in the industry. I wish you all success and look forward to seeing you at the top.

Until next time,

Richard Ramirez
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How is success achieved?

The above video is by Earl Nightingale, The Power From Within. It has been just over a week since my last blog. It has been a busy few weeks. One of the companies I was involved with had its founders walking away after a month going live! Even though it didn’t work out, it did give me the opportunity to meet more people and to learn once again. It is definitely a hard way to bounce back into production and to move forward. I just have to remember that this too is just another stepping stone into success.
I can’t always view my failures as being a negative situation. Once I learn to change my attitude and turn it into a positive stepping stone, then I know that I will always be moving forward towards success. I am actually happy with the team that I am working with today. I have learn to answer swallow my pride and find a few who actually know more about me when it comes to internet marketing. One of the hardest things for a man to accept! Yes, I had to ask for help.
But as I continue on my own journey of success as a leader and individual, I find that I am truly not the only one who has done this with their own teams in the industry. In order for us to get better, we must find those that we want to become and learn from them. As we all learn in the industry, start hanging out with people that you want to be like. I truly feel like I am back at school trying to learn and keep up with all the new tricks of the trade for the industry. However, I can only get better by taking the time and educating myself and taking suggestions by those who have been there before me.
We all have our own measures of success and while I am still learning about internet marketing and blogging. I have a few personal successes. I have celebrated 15 months of sobriety as of 8/29/11 and I have lost ten pounds through doing my morning walk five days a week and doing a weekly hike! To me these are huge successes! What we think about in life, is what we become. In a year, I plan to be backpacking once again in the High Sierra’s and will have a large enough team that would afford me to unplug and let go for that week underneath the stars.
What are your successes today? Feel free to leave a comment and maybe we can work together on keeping each other accountable in our walk into 2012.

Does recruiting scare you? I was scared too!

Are you a new marketer into the industry and don’t understand the process of recruiting? When I first got introduced into the industry, I was told that I had to meet at least two people a day.   I found this process devastating!  How in the heck am I going to go up to a complete stranger and talk to them about an opportunity!  It was easier for me to just collect business cards from insurance agents, real estate brokers, and other professionals.  Did I ever call them back? Of course not!  The phone weighed 1,000 pounds!

What happens if I mess up? What happens if they start asking me questions that I don’t know the answers to? What this, what that?  I was too busy trying to study that I was never ready.  I was doing what we say in the industry, administrative duties and was never in the field.  I failed miserably in this vital skill which is  much needed to grow my business.

What changed over the past twenty years?  Technology changed.  We no longer have to try to continue to convince are friends and family. We have the internet to connect with other like minded individuals across the world!!! We have options in working with a global company or a company based in the United States only.  We have Social Networking today which allows us to meet more than two people a day if your a serious networker!

Another key ingredient that has helped is that I stopped drinking and can now focus on being coachable and can follow instructions given my other coaches who want to see me succeed.   I am being more aggessive online when it comes to talking to people.  I am no longer afraid to find someone who actually is smarter than me when it comes to building a business!  I had to let go of my own pride of wanting to do everything for myself and let others help me look good!  Hmmm isn’t that what employees do for managers?

However, in this industry, your upline works for you! A good leader will teach you what skills you need so that you are able to duplicate and help your team grow and develop others to do the same.  This is truly the only business in the world where you don’t need to know everything when you start.  Less is more.  It’s ok if you tell your prospect , ” I don’t know. Let me ask one of my business partners who knows 100% of the facts!”  This is your segway for a three way call and let your upline expert do all the work!  Get out of the way and don’t say a word after you edify and introduce your business leader.  Third party validation is key to this industry.

Recently, I met a young man who actually is the reason why I am blogging again.  I didn’t know if I should start a whole new blog or try to salvage the original one that I started over three years ago but has become a ghost town except for seeing my twitter feed.  I sure am glad that I was open to new ideas because I actually like my new look!  After getting to know this individual,  who lives halfway across the states,  we have become friends.  He joined one of my opportunities and has inspired others in the company and has already recruited over 7 people in his first 72 hours of being with us.   Thank you God and FACEBOOK!

You see, this young man is 18 years old and is more involved with technology and isn’t afraid to talk to people offline or online! He makes videos and trains people regardless of what business they are in! This is truly a leader who understands being a servant leader.  I see this man becoming a trainer on stage at a national event!

Had I not gotten out of my way of understanding the power of a third party expert and picking up the phone and calling on an expert who isn’t even part of my team and asking him to call my prospect because I can’t figure out how to do a three way call on my own phone yet!  I might have lost the opportunity of  bringing this young man into the business.  Did I forget to mention that this guy is also smarter than me?  So please, stop trying to learn the skill and just get out there and do it!  We truly learn by doing the deed by being in the field and talking to people.

I am going to leave you this video by Todd Falcone who is one of the coaches I follow on Facebook.  I am going to let him explain to you how to do a 3 way call.  Learn this and just get to work!


Until next time! Have a great week!


P.S. Don’t be afraid to find those who understand social media more than you.  They might actually be able to teach you and you can learn and grow together as leaders!

Is your “Why” strong enough?

The above video is an interview in a behind the scenes event with David Sprague and John Di Lemme. I discovered John a few years back and what a tremendous story this man has! You wouldn’t think that he had struggled with stuttering as he was growing up. His teachings in his book, Champions are Born and Losers are Made will give you a whole new outlook on life! I am a champion if I get myself out of the way and quit looking at my failures as a negative instead of a stepping stone to success.
Those who truly get ahead are those who are not afraid to make those mistakes along the way. As a recovering alcoholic, I had to learn that looking at that rear view mirror, I will never get better. Yes, I can’t forget who I have hurt along the way. I have amends to make to several people during my seventeen years of drinking. What is my “why” to stay sober?
Sometimes, I wonder that as well. I feel at times, that I am too old to start a new path. I had to go back to some of my original dreams that I had developed while trying the various network marketing businesses. What is it that I truly want to gain from life today? Will God even accept me for what I have done and help me along my journey in recovery and working a networking business again?
As most of you know, that in any business it takes a whole lot of time and money before you even see the fruits of your labor. In a sense, we are truly working for free because we don’t make anything unless we make a sale. More so in network marketing until you get smart and want to build a team to help you along the way. Although, depending on the business, some people just focus on the sale and not developing a team of associates. As some of you remember from our good friend, Hunter Gray, the business is about recruiting and developing leaders who just happen to sell a few products along the way.
So what do you do if your part of the “NFL club? You meet new people and learn how to market online. You change your philosophies and start investing on yourself as Jim Rohn tells us,  “Work harder on yourself than you do on your job. Wages make you a living while profits will make you a fortune.”
Network marketing is a part time business when you first get started. Most of us always want the overnight success, but it doesn’t work that way. It takes time. How much time? As long as it takes for you to read the books that you need in order to become that successful person. So what happens when we are constantly told that we can’t accomplish our new dreams?
Wipe the dust off and continue on your path. As I am reminded in Genesis 39:21-22 stay committed no matter the circumstance. Today my why is not only to get out of debt but to help others to get out of their own depression and fear of being accepted for the person that they are becoming. We all have a past, but our past doesn’t determine our future as Mr. Les Brown points out. Are you ready to become a Champion in your business? I will leave you with a link to John’s website for you to find out more information. Make use of all the free resources that you can until you can afford it!

To your Success,

Richard Ramirez

If I Had Grown Up Without Siblings

Normally, I write about leadership, however, I felt the need to discuss a bit more on family and the loss of men who were fighting for our country. I ask that you also take the time to keep the families of these men in your thoughts and prayers.

If I didn't have my two younger sisters, I know I wouldn't be an Uncle today nor would I be a Brother. Although sometimes, that is still debatable because for some families, its a title that doesn't hold any weight. In this picture are my nephew and two nieces which are miracles for me today. I surely wouldn't have them either! My nephew turned 18 in December this past year and is part of the 2011 class. My oldest niece will be starting Junior next week and my youngest soon to follow in a few years. It's still hard to take that all in. As some of you have seen in a previous post, I am learning to take more time for family these days.

I was unsure of what to even write tonight since I haven't written for a few days, but thanks to the Associate Pastor and Plinky having this question as a topic I was able to sort of mix in the lesson and give an answer. I think that if I grew up as an only child, I might have been more messed up. I wouldn't have had to fight for my parents love and affection. Although, I think that I get more from my Mom, whereas my middle sister gets more from Dad. But isn't that how it usually is? I sure did learn how to share by the time I got to Kindergarten. I can remember some kids who cried for hours because they were told that they had to share their toys! But I guess growing up alone has its plus and minuses.

I wouldn't have had to share a bedroom back in preschool through first grade. I wouldn't have had to share a bathroom like I did in high school! I wouldn't have had a resentment against my sister because she was actually better in sports than I was. Wow, 25 years later, and I am saying this publicly! Who knows, I might not have been the alcoholic that I became over the past 17 years either then again, it was in our family history. Some of them are just functioning alcoholics. The one skill that I could never master! However, some of you will find in my about me section that I have stopped drinking. I am truly glad that I didn't grow up as an only child!

I am grateful for the experiences that I have had in my past. I accepted Christ into my heart back in January this past year and now go to a church that accepts us broken people. Some of you might be familiar with Luke 19:1-10, the story of Zacchaeus. I remember hearing about this while going to Catechism before getting my First Communion. I didn't quite understand it 30 years ago, but am glad to have it told to me again and learn that God's table is for the lost and those who seek and find Him.

I also want to take this time to thank all of you who have fought for our country. It's sad that there really hasn't been much coverage on the media regarding our recent loss of 22 Navy Seals. Here is the most recent article that I pulled up as I started to write this blog.

Please remember to say a prayer for their families. Don't be afraid to even say a prayer on Facebook for them to help spread the news about losing some soldiers who fought for our country. Remember that the dash in between your birthday and your death on the tombstone, isn't that long. We can either make life worth living or let life live us. Which do you chose?

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Network Marketing is About Recruiting and Developing Leadership

The above video is done by Mr. Hunter Gray from Pre Paid Legal at a Las Vegas Convention from 2008. I had the honor of meeting him and a few of his coaches while I was in the organization. Even though I was there at this particular convention, I don’t remember seeing him go across the stage and do this speech. Hmmm funny how several years later, I get the picture! I wasn’t a student of network marketing back then. I was just there to get away from my J.O.B!
As they say, when the STUDENT is ready, the “Teacher” appears. Over the past week, God has revealed a few coaches to me who have helped me also get back on track. I don’t have a Life Coach, but have a marketing coach, a recovery coach, a spiritual coach, and a fitness coach! Without any of them, I don’t think I would be having a balanced life today. What I have also learned is that we have to have accountability partners in all areas of life. Who do you have that is going to keep you on track? Who gets you out of your comfort zone and pushes you to hit your daily, weekly and monthly goals?
We all have sponsors when we get involved with network marketing, but are they properly training you or are they leaving hang to figure this out on your own? If they aren’t giving you the guidance that you need to get where you want to be, then don’t be afraid to find a coach who will do just that. Some might say that they aren’t in the babysitting business and to just get out there and do it. I have had a few of those as well. The problem was that I am a visual and audio learner. I have to physically see someone do the task and hear the words that they use. This is why, the way you recruit someone into the business is crucial! What you do as a recruiter is how your team will learn to recruit their team. It’s a process of duplication. You will also note that being in Network Marketing is also about Personal Development.
What books are you reading to help you improve? What are you listening to today? Who do you hang out with outside of work and school? Successful people do what others won’t. Find a mentor and do what they do in the business. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Remember, we were all new at one point in time. Some of us just get hooked on only talking to our immediate sponsor. If they aren’t teaching you about personal development, then ask for help. It can be someone else in the organization or a coach online who is in the industry. John Di Lemme, Todd Falcone, Brian Finale, Ted McGrath, Rory Valden, Doug Firebaugh and many others are available. Seek them out on youtube or Facebook. Some of these guys even have coaching calls that they do at night. One other resource on Facebook is Mentoring for Free by Coach John Wann.
A book that every marketer should read is also the Slight Edge by Jeff Olson. In this book he also explains, the differences of living a life of responsibility and a life of blame. What type of life are you living today?

To your continued success,

Richard Ramirez

Take time off to spend with Family!

Well its day three of my new blog and yet its almost midnight, and I have yet to write for today. It has actually been fairly busy. My nieces are in town,  and I had decided to actually spend some time with them today. Our neighbor’s kids were also over so we had two boys and two girls ranging from 10 to 13. It was all about the Wii for these children.
We had decided to play the Dance game. It was entertaining to see the different styles and techniques. How is one more limber than the other? Yet it was all in fun. As they were getting ready to leave for lunch with Grandpa, the Tuesday ritual is Taco Tuesday. I thought I would have time to get to work with the kids gone. I was mistaken. Good ole Mother, decided that it was time that I actually participated in dancing to these pre selected tunes on the game. My goodness, I hadn’t danced in over a year since I stopped going out to clubs and drinking! I can’t do this sober! And yet, why is that as children, we can accomplish anything? So I gave in to peer pressure and proceeded to dance and made a fool of myself. It was a round of five dances with one bonus. My mother one of course! I was dead tired by the end of the fifth dance! If it wasn’t for the bonus, it would have been a tie. Now what’s my point?
As leaders we get so bogged down with always having to be on the run that we forget to take the time to spend with our children. I missed out on my nephew’s life growing up. He just turned 18 and well is now considered a young adult. Where the heck does that time go? In time, I might be able to repair that broken relationship. However, I still have today to work on my relationship with my two nieces. I know we all want to leave a legacy for our family which is why we continue to work so hard. However, it just means we have to prioritize and have better time management. As stated in my first post, keep God first, family second and work third. As long we keep things in that order, then there truly is no need to be breaking our backs trying to beat deadlines. So remember to take some time out to let that inner child out to play and have fun!

Until next time,  I will leave you with this song as this was one of the five dances we did this morning.  If you haven’t played the Wii Dance, check it out.  It’s actually harder than it sounds!