My Favorite Place to Read and Write

Just found out about this site as I was making some improvements on my blog. What a great way to connect with others! Have an awesome day!

Relaxing on the beach

Sometimes, I actually like doing some writing while I am out near the ocean. It's the closest place that I feel closest to God. I can just let all my problems escape and just focus on my writing while listening to the waves break, the seagulls and sitting in brisk wind here on the central coast of California.

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I am an online marketer who teaches others through servant leadership.

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  1. Being near any moving water is really relaxing to me. The sound, the smell and the view….aaahh

    • Well if only I was at that particular island. Definitely a goal though. But I do live near Pismo and Avila Beach here on the central coast. And yes, the smells of the ocean air and the sounds of the waves are great. Just nothing like the smell of ocean air. Thanks for stopping by Julie! Have an awesome evening!

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